Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Safe Finishes and Stencil Girl Blog Hop

Hi, Friends! today we, as part of Earth Safe Finishes are hopping along with Stencil Girl to celebrate Earth Day.

This mixed media canvas was so much fun to create. Loved working with the stencil girl stencil and the no VOC Earth Safe Finishes products and in honor of Earth Day I Reduced, Recycled and Reused. This was an old canvas project that had not turned out as expected.

Products Used:

ESF Pigments Permanent Red, Pthalo Green, Hot Pink
StencilGirl Marrakech 6 Stencil


1. Firstly, I covered the canvas with ESF Gesso and let dry. The Gesso is so thick and rich and just one coat covered my previous project entirely.

2. I then added some Ann Butler Designs Iridescents powders to give it slight shimmer.

3. The next step was brushing the canvas with ESF Chalk it up in Plum Preserves.

4. then using StencilGirl  Techno Insiders Circle Stencil and Ann Butler Designs iridescent in onyx I stenciled the circles and let dry.

5. next added texture using ESF texture and StencilGirl Marrakech stencil and let dry.

6. Then colored the design with ESF pigments.

7. Lastly stenciled the birds using the StencilGirl Fowl Play Stencil. I have to say I absolutely love these stencils and they have such a large selection that its tough to not find something you absolutely adore.

And now grab a cup of coffee to blog hop with these wonderful designers.

Vishu Reberholt

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ann Butler Designs - ETI Blog Hop

Hello, everybody! and welcome to our second Ann Butler Design - ETI Blog Hop of 2016 to get your creative juices flowing.

Ann Butler Designs - ETI Bloghop

Today I am sharing an Ann Butler Design and ETI inspired jewelry pendant. Such a fun, simple and quick project to put together; a perfect gift for your yourself or loved ones.

Products Used:


1. Mix equal parts of EasySculpt Epoxy Modeling Clay and mix them together as per the instructions in the box.
2. Once mixed press the clay into the silicone mold pressing the clay into the delicate parts. let the clay dry for 5 hours before taking it out of the mold. Honestly I .absolutely love this product so easy to use and once dry you can file it or sand it
3. Once it dried I painted it with Ann Butler Designs Iridescents and iridescent powders. For  this pendant I painted the flower with iridescent powder in rose and iridescent ink in limelight. The frame was painted with Ann Butler Designs Iridescents Sapphire. I then glued the flower to the frame.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, below are some close pictures.

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Vishu Reberholt (you are here)

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

ESF Canvas Art

Hello, Crafty Friends! stopping by today to share a ESF Canvas Art. I had a lot of fun creating this canvas and was very quick to put together.

Products Used


1. First cover the canvas with a layer of ESF Gesso and let it dry.
2. Using ESF pigment ink I colored the canvas to give it depth.
3. Using a black marker I drew the design
4. Then added glitter and Ann Butler Designs Iridescents to the shoe
5. Next I added the ESF copper powder to the pillow and let it dry.
6. stamped an image to the corner of the canvas and added words to the canvas.

I hope you enjoyed this project.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ann Butler Design - ETI Blog Hop

Hello, everybody! and welcome to Ann Butler Design - ETI Blog Hop, this our first blog hop of 2016 with loads of inspiration get fuel your creative sides.

Today I am sharing some Ann Butler Design and ETI inspired coasters. Such a fun, simple and quick project to put together; these make perfect handmade gifts to all the lovely people in your life.

Ann Butler Designs - ETI Blog Hop

Products Used:


  • Now mix EnviroTex Lite as per the instructions that come with the box which is the most crucial part and add a layer of EnviroTex and let dry.

I absolutely enjoyed making these what a perfect gift, easily customized based on certain events or personalities of friends and family.

Now sit back relax and enjoy all the other creative ideas by clicking on the links below. Don't forget to leave a comment on all the blogs to be entered into a giveaway.

Vishnu Reberholt (you are here)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DIY hairpin with Ann Butler Designs

Hello, Everybody! My goal and prayer for this year is positive thoughts at all times so with a toast to the power of positive thinking I wish you all a very Happy 2016. Today I want to share this quick DIY hairpin with Ann Butler Designs.

We were given a theme for this month which as you must have guessed is Fabric. Keeping that in mind I created this DIY hairpin with Ann Butler Designs products and fabric.

Products Used:
canvas fabric, lace, button and hot glue

Cut the canvas fabric in strips and roll it creating a flower. Use hot glue to glue the fabric. 
I then painted the flower using Ann Butler’s Designs Iridescents paints by ESF –  Sheer Russet and let dry. I absolutely love this product and reach out for it everytime.
Next paint the lace with Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap in sunshine and hot glue it around the canvas flower and hot glue it to the hair pin.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Embossing with Art Screens

Hello, All ! Its been a while since I have posted on my blog its just that life got in the way which I am sure you all understand. Stopping in today to share thow to emboss using art screen/stencil to emboss my paper.......which also means I just doubled my collection of embossing designs. So, without further adieu here is my project.

Products Used:

  • Cardstock, sentiment stamp, paper flowers

  • First I inked a white cardstock using  Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap: Berry, limelight, Tangelo, sunshine, bark inks.
  • Then I embossed the cardstock with the ColorBox® Art Screen by Ann Butler Designs.
    The sandwich I used for this technigue, embossing plate, rubber mat, cardstock, art screen/stencil, base plate, now run it through you die cut machine, I used Grand Calibur. Below are a couple of photos to show you how it looks, I colored the debossed side also so you can see how well the art screen embossed. You have the freedom to use the embossed or debossed look depending on your design or mood.

The rest of the card came together pretty quickly with some layers, sentiment and paper flowers.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and thanks for stopping by......

Saturday, September 19, 2015

ESF Mixed Media Card

Hello, Dear Friends! Popping in today to share another ESF Mixed Media Card. I tell you I am really have fun making these mixed media cards.

 You have so much creative freedom and sometimes you know when the card does not turn out like you had imagined, well with mixed media I feel if you keep working and just try things it turns out even better. Like the card I am sharing today. When I first made the background page, I wasn't really happy with it but just adding the black edging made all the difference and I think the card turned out even better.

ESF Mixed Media Card

 So what do you all think?

Products Used:
  1. First cut a piece of white cardstock depending on the size of the card base you intend to use. My cardstock is 4 X 5. 25.
  2. Apply 2 layers of ESF Gesso. Let dry between layers
  3. Add color to the white base with ESF pigment ink and let dry. Love these pigment inks they are so concentrated that just a drop goes a long way.
  4. Then add texture. Here I added texture using a die cut and ESF Texture and let dry.
  5. Add color to the texture using ESF pigment inks and let dry.
  6. Edge the cardstock and texture with black ink using a dauber.
  7. Paint a piece of white cardstock with Ann Butler Design Iridescents by ESF. I used Sheer Silver and painted 3 layers to get the color I wanted.
  8. Stamp your image on the Iridescents colored paper.
  9. Color the image using ESF Chalk it Up paint and stickles.
  10. Finish the card with some layers and embellishments.
Here is a closer look at the mixed media background. The background with all the ESF rich colors just pop. Love all these amazing products by ESF that are completely safe, non toxic and environment friendly.

ESF Mixed Media Card

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Love how this ESF Mixed Media Card turned out.

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