Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jewelry Box - ETI/Ann Butler Design Blog HOP

 Hi crafty friends! A warm welcome to the Ann Butler Designs/ETI Blog Hop! I love blog hops there is so much creative inspiration packed in. So today I am sharing this beautiful box which can be used to store earrings or be used as a gift box for bracelets in this season of giving or use it as a decorative piece around the house, so without further adieu here is my project.

 Products used:
Ann Butler Design's 1" Doily Picnic Stamps by Unity Stamps
Ann Butler Design's Aquamarine Iridescent Paint by Earth Safe Finishes
EnviroTex Jewelry Clay
Rhinestones, Microbeads by Recollections, wooden bead, wooden bangle, gold glitter, gold embossing powder, glue, white cardstock.

First I marked outer circumference and inner circumference of the bangle on white 120 lbs cardstock. I cut 3 pieces of outer circumference and 4 pieces of inner circumference.
Then I glued one outer circumference piece to one side of the bangle which made the bottom of my box. I glued the 4 inner circumference pieces together and then glued it to the center of the outer circumference piece to make the top cover of my box.

I then painted my bangle using Ann Butler Design's Aquamarine Iridescent Paint by Earth Safe Finishes. I painted a few coats to get the desired finish

While the paint was drying I stamped by image on a white cardstock and embossed it with gold embossing powder, I need 6 1" square stamp images and 10 triangle images. I then cut out the stamped images and glued them to the bangle.

Now onto playing with EnviroTex Jewelry Clay and boy I had fun. Now jewelry clay comes in two containers marked A and B. When I opened one of them the clay was hard which meant I had to bring up the temperature of the clay. I put the containers in a ziplock bag and kept them in a bowl of hot tap water for about 10 minutes. Then I mixed equal parts of A & B, be sure to use gloves while working and follow the detailed instructions that come with the clay, though I think the jewelry clay is a little forgiving. After mixing the clay thoroughly I rolled it into a thin wire and wrapped it arround the bottom part of my box and covered it with microbeads and gold glitter.

I then covered the top cover made out of cardstock with the EnviroTex Jewelry Clay , added some rhinestones and covered it with microbeads. I also covered a wooden bead with EnviroTex Jewelry Clay and covered it with microbeads and gold glitter.

Dressed up the box with some rhinestones to finish the project. Below are some more photos.

Hope you enjoyed the project. Now lets grab a cup of hot chocolate and visit some more blogs with some amazing talent. Also remember to leave a comment to be entered for the blog candy. YES, a comment on EACH blog gets you an entry for the BLOG CANDY shown below! Share the fun with your friends! We will Pick the winner on Saturday the 20th and announced on the Ann Butler Blog and ETI blog! Again, make sure and visit all the links and leave a comment.

      Lisa Rojas

Here is a peak of the blog CANDY........(US only...due to the liquids included)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Stocking.....

Hello everybody! today I am stopping by to share an adorable project with you all and just in time for Christmas and its a very quick project because I know everybody already has a million things to do around this time :)

Products Used:
Ann Butler Design's EZ-De’s Flourish 2″ ABC’s
Ann Butler Design's Stripes, Dots, Hearts 1” by Unity Stamps
Green Glitter, Gold Embossing Powder, glue

I brought the stocking for 99 cents and wanted to make them more festive. 

First I stamped and embossed with the dots image and cut out cirlces.

Then I covered the white dots on the stocking with green glitter and stuck my stamped and cut circles. I then stamped and embossed the flourishes ABC's stamp and cut the alphabets out, the rest of the stocking came together pretty quickly.


Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sweet Friend with Ann Butler Designs

A sweet hello to all you beautiful people, the end of the year always seems to be in fast forward mode to me and this year is no different......I am just not able to catch up :). But today I decided to make a card to share with you all.

Products used:
Ann Butler’s Faux Quilting Stamps by Unity Stamp Company - I used the 1" leaves all over
Ann Butler’s Earth Safe Paints
Crafter's Ink - Night
White and Green Cardstock

First I used Ann Butler Design's iridescent ink (lilac and green) on white cardstock and then stamped my image multiple times with crafter's ink. Once the images was dry I cut them out. I then arranged them on another piece of white cardstock, glued them and fussy cut a sentiment. My final step was to layer it on a green cardstock card base.

I like the colors and the way the card turned out.

Thanks for stopping by.................

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cool2Cast Book Review

Hi crafty friends! I am here today to share an exciting news Tiffany Windsor in collaboration with Bella Crafts Quarterly has just released an e-book dedicated to Cool2Cast which, in my opinion is the best casting product out there.

I had the pleasure of working with Cool2Cast a couple of months ago for the very first time and I loved it from the very beginning and just like it says in the book......IT IS ADDICTIVE.

This book is filled such a wealth of information; tips, techniques and ideas basically everything you need to know about Cool2Cast to get started. What I absolutely love about the book is the detailed information and step by step visual instructions. The photo gallery section of the book is filled with so much inspiration and I would have to dare you to not be inspired enough to try your hand at this AMAZING product. I absolutely LOVED this book and the way it inspires you to create with the endless possibilities Cool2Cast offers.

I was so inspired after reading the book that I created this home decor piece using my two favorite product companies Cool2Cast and Ann Butler Design products.

The e-book is available for purchase on Bella Crafts Quarterly grab your copy today.

Thanks for stopping by......

Saturday, September 27, 2014

For the Men.........

Hello blog friends! today I am here to share with you a card for the men............these cards are very challenging for me to make, so I turned to pinterest for some inspiration.

Ann Butler Design's stamps have done complete justice making the paper look like shirt fabric.

Products I used:

Ann Butler Design’s Faux Quilting Stamps by Unity Stamp Company - 2″ Diamonds and Plaid,
Ann Butler Colorbox Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap: Lilac, Sunshine
Ann Butler Design's Faux Quilting Stamps by Unity Stamp Company - 1" Stripes, Dots, Hearts
white cardstock, momento london fog ink, brads.

First cut a 4.25 X 11.5 size cardstock and then fold it in half. On the folded end you make two slits about 1" on both sides and about 3/4" away from the fold.

 Then you stamp another piece of white cardstock to achieve the shirt fabric look you want. This patterned paper will be 4.25 X 4.75 inches. I colored by cardstock with Ann Butler Design's Crafter's ink before stamping the pattern.

After this step all you have to do is dress up the card with a tie and pocket. and fold the slits you made initially for the collar.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quick Card

Hello everybody! I just wanted to pop in today to share this quick card with you. I have lot of occasions coming up in August and I need to catch up fast by building up my stash of cards.

This card took me 30 minutes to create and was lot of fun. You can see how easy it is to customize the background, double stamping with 2 different stamps also gives it a unique look.

products I used

Ann Butler's 1" EZ De's by Kellycraft
Clearsnap Ann Butler Inks
Justrite Stamp, buttons and cardstock.

Hope you take time to create today and thanks for stopping by.......

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Faux Quilt stamps by Ann Butler meet Tiffany Windsor's Cool2Cast

Hello everybody! I just LOVE Summer...... the kids are out of school, longer days and warm mornings. A chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and appreciate our time together, making memories in the beautiful outdoors, now that I have mentioned my love affair with summer lets talk about the project I made for Ann Butler Designs and Tiffany Windsor's Cool@Cast blog hop and I loved every minute of creating the projects.

For my first project I created 2 different sized pendants, so depending on the occasion I can use either.

For a second project I created a very bold piece of Jewelry.

I am pretty happy with the results.

Products I used.
Ann Butler's 1" faux quilt stamps by Unity Stamps
Ann Butler's 2" Diamonds & Plaid by Unity Stamps
Ann Butler's 2" Doily Picnic by Unity Stamps
Clearsnap Ann Butler Inks
Ann Butler Designs Iridescents™; Aquamarine from Earth Safe Finishes
Tiffany Windsor's Cool2Cast
painter's tape
wooden beads and Jewelry wire

What fun it was to use stamps with Cool2Cast and I might have just got carried away with the amount of castings I have made using both the products.

When I first started thinking about the project I knew that somehow I must have the stamp impression on my casted piece and after some thought I had my Aaahaa moment.

surrounded the Ann Butler's 2" Diamonds & Plaid by Unity Stamps with painters tape facing the design side up, make sure you press the painter's tape to stick to the edges of the stamp, the no edge design of these stamps is what works great for this technique and project.

Then mix the Cool2Cast as per the instructions on the package and pour into the stamp cast you just made. Tiffany also has some amazing detailed pre-cast pieces available.

After about 2 hours I pulled the tape out and separated my casted piece from the stamp. Separating the casted piece and stamp was a breeze.

Once I had achieved my impression the rest was just coloring the pieces and making them into wearable pieces of art.

Hope you enjoyed the project and be sure to stop by all the blogs and join the fun.

Vishu Reberholt (you are here)

What's a blog hop without a prize package and leaving some comment love on every blog.

To Enter for the giveaway please leave a comment.  For each blog you leave a comment on, your name will be entered into the giveaway drawing, so be sure to check out the entire Blog Hop for more chances to win!

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Quick Outdoor Party Decorations

Hello all, its been a while I posted on my blog. Past few crazy weeks are following into some more crazy, now that summer has started. I am here with a quick post today just like this quick project. I created these cutlery holders for barbeque parties to add some handmade fun. First I stamped the frame with the triangular Ann Butler's 1" faux quilt stamps, then I stamped the background using Ann Butler EZ-De's and lastly stamped the EZ-De's alphabets.

here are the products I used
Ann Butler's 1" faux quilt stamps by Unity Stamps
Ann Butler's 1" EZ De's by Kellycraft
Ann Butler's EZ De.s Flourishes 2" by Kellycraft
Clearsnap Ann Butler Inks
white cardstock

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ann Butler Designs and Walnut Hollow Blog Hop

Hello everybody, I am so excited to be a part of this Ann Butler DesignsWalnut Hollow blog hop and share this project with you. This is a very special project since I made it for my mother for Mother’s Day. My mom loves jewelry, surely I don’t take after my mother when it comes to jewelry, so I thought what better gift than a jewelry box. Right from the beginning I wanted this box to look like made in India with the use of bright colors and sparkles. So here it is……………

And now I want to apologize. When I started working on the project I intended to post step by step photo tutorial but I got so engrossed while working that I completely missed taking pictures so I am going to do a written tutorial instead.

Here is the complete list of the products I used:

Wooden beads 
Martha Stewart Crafts Satin Paints
Clearsnap Ann Butler ColorBox Crafter’s Ink
White card stock
Momento black ink
Crystal sheets by prima
Liquid glass by close to my heart
Zip dry glue
Painter’s tape

Step 1: glue the wooden beads to the bottom of the box
Step 2: while my glue was drying I painted a piece of white cardstock with Ann Butler Iridescents "Aquamarine"
Step3:   Paint the box, I used Martha steward light orange and mixed some bright orange from Ann Butler ColorBox Crafter’s Ink. I had never used walnut hollow products before but I am loving them, great quality and ready to work surfaces.
Step 4: while the box was drying I stamped the Ann Butler 1” Doily Picnic Faux Quilt Stamp image on the painted cardstock and let it dry while I put on another coat on the box
Step 5: Then I cut the faux quilt stamped images.
Step 6:  Now I did some measuring and using the masked technique, first stamped the borders on the box using Ann Butler's EZ-De's sampler set A stamps, then I glued the cut stamped images.
Step 7: I cut out strips from the crystal sheet and stuck that along the stamped border. I used the prima crystal sheet for the first time, just a slight comment here I had brought two sheets one was the great but the other when I started cutting the strips out the crystals started falling off.
Step 8: to decorate the top I painted the center with Ann Butler Iridescents ink, just love the shine you get with these iridescents inks, I also painted by crystals with the iridescent to give it a slight aquamarine hue and finally to personalize it I put my mom's initial and covered it with the liquid glass to give it a glass effect. I used stickles for some more bling because there can never be too much bling.

Easy pesy. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and hop on over to all the other blogs to be blown away creatively of course and along the way be sure to leave a comment to win a giveaway…………………...I love blog hops.

Here are few more photos of the finished project. You can click on the pictures for a better view.

Hope you enjoyed the project, let me know if you would like to see a photo tutorial because I am sure my sisters are going to want this box too.

To Enter for the giveaway please leave a comment.  For each blog you leave a comment on, your name will be entered into the giveaway drawing, so be sure to check out the entire Blog Hop for more chances to win!

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Teacher Appreciation with Faux Quilt Stamps

Hello everybody, today I want a share a project I made for my daughter's teachers as part of the Teacher's Appreciation Week. We absolutely love my daughter's school and what makes this school so amazing are the teacher's, they are truly wonderful and teach the kids so much. Its truly rewarding to see their little minds take off like they are, feel very blessed. So all the parents wanted to do something special for the teacher's to make them feel appreciated and as part of appreciation week I had prepared 5 question list which the kids were answer for each teacher and then I bounded those cute little answered sheets into a book for the teachers. I was pretty happy with the result.

These were very quick and easy to make, especially with Ann Butler's 1" faux quilt stamps and their unique no edge design.

First I arranged my faux quilt pattern on an acrylic block.

Then stamped my card stock.

In the empty squares I stamped some sentiments like "one of a kind", "you're appreciated", stapled the cover with the sheets and covered the staple with a embossed piece of cardstock. I then personalised each book with the teacher's name first letter using the Ann Butler's EZ De.s Flourishes 2" stamp set by kellycraft, put it on spellbinder's die cut and embellished them with want2scrap rhinestones, I also made some flourishes with stickles. Below are all the 10

Hope you enjoyed this project, I sure did enjoy making them. Thanks for stopping by...........