Thursday, December 17, 2015

Embossing with Art Screens

Hello, All ! Its been a while since I have posted on my blog its just that life got in the way which I am sure you all understand. Stopping in today to share thow to emboss using art screen/stencil to emboss my paper.......which also means I just doubled my collection of embossing designs. So, without further adieu here is my project.

Products Used:

  • Cardstock, sentiment stamp, paper flowers

  • First I inked a white cardstock using  Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap: Berry, limelight, Tangelo, sunshine, bark inks.
  • Then I embossed the cardstock with the ColorBox® Art Screen by Ann Butler Designs.
    The sandwich I used for this technigue, embossing plate, rubber mat, cardstock, art screen/stencil, base plate, now run it through you die cut machine, I used Grand Calibur. Below are a couple of photos to show you how it looks, I colored the debossed side also so you can see how well the art screen embossed. You have the freedom to use the embossed or debossed look depending on your design or mood.

The rest of the card came together pretty quickly with some layers, sentiment and paper flowers.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and thanks for stopping by......

Saturday, September 19, 2015

ESF Mixed Media Card

Hello, Dear Friends! Popping in today to share another ESF Mixed Media Card. I tell you I am really have fun making these mixed media cards.

 You have so much creative freedom and sometimes you know when the card does not turn out like you had imagined, well with mixed media I feel if you keep working and just try things it turns out even better. Like the card I am sharing today. When I first made the background page, I wasn't really happy with it but just adding the black edging made all the difference and I think the card turned out even better.

ESF Mixed Media Card

 So what do you all think?

Products Used:
  1. First cut a piece of white cardstock depending on the size of the card base you intend to use. My cardstock is 4 X 5. 25.
  2. Apply 2 layers of ESF Gesso. Let dry between layers
  3. Add color to the white base with ESF pigment ink and let dry. Love these pigment inks they are so concentrated that just a drop goes a long way.
  4. Then add texture. Here I added texture using a die cut and ESF Texture and let dry.
  5. Add color to the texture using ESF pigment inks and let dry.
  6. Edge the cardstock and texture with black ink using a dauber.
  7. Paint a piece of white cardstock with Ann Butler Design Iridescents by ESF. I used Sheer Silver and painted 3 layers to get the color I wanted.
  8. Stamp your image on the Iridescents colored paper.
  9. Color the image using ESF Chalk it Up paint and stickles.
  10. Finish the card with some layers and embellishments.
Here is a closer look at the mixed media background. The background with all the ESF rich colors just pop. Love all these amazing products by ESF that are completely safe, non toxic and environment friendly.

ESF Mixed Media Card

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Love how this ESF Mixed Media Card turned out.

Thanks for stopping by............

Monday, September 14, 2015

Faux Quilt Ann Butler Background

Hello, Crafty Friends! How is everybody doing today?. Today I would like to share a faux quilt Ann Butler background card which came together pretty quickly.

Can't believe we are halfway into September already, where does the time intend to fly too, just feels like yesterday that we were welcoming 2015 and I had hopes of accomplishing so many things. Well, on the flip side I still have 3.5 months to accomplish my tasks. 

Faux Quilt Ann Butler Background

Sometimes its nice to not layer up the card too much.

Products Used:
Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap: Lilac, night
Ann Butler 1"Faux Quilt Stamps by Unity Stamps 
Cardstock, lace, border embossing folder, glitter pen, image stamp

1. Cut the top layer of the cardstock depending on the size card you want and then lay your faux quilt pattern on an acrylic block. With Ann Butler Design Stamps you have a lot of flexibility on how you want your pattern to be as these stamps don't have edges so they work beautifully and you can come up with limitless options. Once you are satisfied with the pattern stamp it on the card. Here I used Ann Butler Design Lilac ink pad.
2. Then I defined the edges of the quilt pattern with glitter pen. and edged the cardstock with black ink
3. Using an embossing folder embossed one side, added lace and the stuck on an image.

Hope you will try a similar faux quilt Ann Butler Background technique.

Thanks for stopping by.............

Monday, August 31, 2015

ESF Mixed Media Card

Hello again! Two days in a thats a personal record Lol. so today I am stopping by to share my first mixed media card using ESF products. Have you tried Earth Safe Finishes products? you will be amazed my the versatility and the fact they are environmentally safe.

So what do you all think?

Products Used:

1. Dab a piece of white cardstock with ESF Chalk it up on this card I used English Tea, Cherry Jubilee, Plum Preserves and let dry.
2. Now add texture randomly using the art screen and ESF texture and let dry.
3. I mixed a couple of drops of pigment with water and made 3 different colored water red, yellow and orange and sprayed on the card.
4. once the cardstock is dry I used a black pen and defined the texture.
5. Finished the card with some stamping, flowers and stuck it on a black card base.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by............

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Quilt Background with Ann Butler Design

Hello Crafty Friends! just popping in to share a card with a quilt background using Ann Butler Design.

Isn't that a cute card? I love how versatile the quilt stamps are just so many possibilities.

Products Used:
Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap: Berry, limelight, Tangelo
Ann Butler 1"Faux Quilt Stamps by Unity Stamps
Cardstock, sentiment stamp

The quilt background so easy to make with Ann Butler's no edge stamps. On a piece of white cardstock I stamped the image alternating the inks and viola the background is ready. Finished the card with layers and a sentiment and image.

Thanks for stopping by................

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Ann

Hello Everybody! Welcome to our Birthday hop and join me in wishing Dear Ann a Very Happy Birthday. Ann has been an inspiration, great to work with and extremely generous and patient since I have known her almost 1.5 years ago. So here is to you Ann, hope the coming years bring you lots of laughter, good health and happiness.

 And now don't forget to stop by all the other blogs to celebrate an amazing artist and an equally amazing person's birthday. Happy Birthday Ann.

An InLinkz Link-up

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Home Decor with ESF

Hello Everybody!.....popping in today with a home decor piece using ESF products.

So how is everybody's summer coming along..........I am trying to do too many things at one time like most of us got to make the summer count.

Products Used
Earth Safe Finishes Chalk It Up, English tea, Cherry Jubilee, key lime pie
stamps, wooden tile, black ink

1. Apply 2 layers of Gesso on the wooden tile and let dry between layers.
2. Now apply ESF chalk it up english tea and let dry.
3. Take ESF Chalk it up on your craft mat and add a little water, now use baby wipes and dab the paint on you stamp image and stamp it on the wooden tile.
4. Using a black ink pad stamp your sentiment.
5. Paint a border using ESF iridescents, I used sapphire.

I absolutely loveeeee ESF products they are so much fun to work with and are so thick and rich in color, a little bit goes a long way definitely worth having in your craft stash. Hope you enjoyed this home decor piece with ESF products.

Thanks for stopping by...............

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Custom Apron with Ann Butler Designs

Hello Friends! today I am stopping by to share this fun custom apron with Ann Butler Designs.

Custom Apron with Ann Butler Designs

I guess I love making things for my daughter as I have quite a few projects customized for her and she loves making things for me because I have more artwork and hearts than I know what to do lol.......though I love her little surprises for today I got a heart card in the mail from her.

Products Used:

This was such a quick project to put together. First I stamped the name using Crafter's ink blueberry and Ann Butler's 2" ABC stamp set. The ink pads are so juicy and work so well with fabric that I absolutely enjoyed working. I am sure you know how frustrating it can get when the products you use don't work like they should.

Then I stamped with Ann Butler's faux quilt stamps and i cannot tell you how much I love these innovative stamps they are so much fun to work with.

Lastly I stamped the Checks 1 stamp and blinged it up using stickles. 

Custom Apron with Ann Butler Designs

Custom Apron with Ann Butler Designs
Custom Apron with Ann Butler Designs

So what do you all think? a custom apron with Ann Butler Designs........such a wonderful gift to give to someone.

Thanks for stopping by.......

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Calender with Ann Butler Designs and Deflecto Frame

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I want to welcome you to a fun blog hop using Ann Butler Design products and Deflecto frame. For the hop I made this fun Calendar.

Products Used:
Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap: Ocean Breeze and Berry
Ann Butler 2″Faux Quilt Stamps by Unity Stamps 
Ann Butler's 1" EZ De's by Kellycraft
Craft Frame 8 X 10 by Deflecto
Cardstock, metal rings, 3 X4 calendar sheets for 2015, transparency, black sharpie

1. Stamp the cardstock using Ann Butler's crafter's ink and stamps to create beautiful background and attach the printed calendar sheets.
2. Cut your cardstock to insert into the frame
3. Stamp your design on the cardstock. This was really easy using Ann Butler Design's faux quilt stamps. These stamps just have endless possibilities......Loveeeeeee them.
4. Now I cut a sheet of transparency to fit into the frame and handwrote a quote. I love to read quotes and so I thought this would be the best way to add an inspirational quote everyday or month to inspire me when I look at the calendar.
5. Drilled two holes for the metal rings so I can hang the calendar sheets.

I hope you enjoyed this project and please don't forget to leave me a comment. Now are you ready to be blown away ..............stop by my fellow crafter's blog to be amazed with their creativity.

Ann Butler
Larissa Pittman
Einat Kessler

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ann Butler Art Screen Background

Hello All! just popping in again to share another beautiful card I made using Ann Butler Designs Art Screen. Does'nt it look all glittery.

Products Used:
Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap: Sunshine, Berry, limelight, Tangelo
Ann Butler Design's Art Screens- Lattice
ESF Texture
Cardstock, Colorbox daubers, gold glitter, paper roses, sentiment stamp

1. Use Ann Butler Crafter's ink and art screen on white cardstock to get your back ground image
2. Now move the art screen so the open squares fall on the not inked area and use the ESF texture to get the raised look.
3. While the texture is wet add glitter and dust off the access and let dry
4. Finally I stuck the white cardstock on a black card base and embellished it with paper roses and a sentiment.

Here are a couple of close ups of the background using Ann Butler Art Screens.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you try this.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

ESF Texture fun

Hello everybody! hope you all had a great weekend. Just popping in to share a quick project. Isn't this ESF Texture treat box cute?

Products used:
So first I used the ESF Texture with the Art Screen by Ann Butler and let dry. Then painted the stars with chalk it up paint. Now I mixed the iridescents powders with the ESF no voc wax and painted the leftover stars and my treat box was ready.

here is a closer look.

Thanks for stopping by...........

Saturday, May 30, 2015

ESF Crackle - Coaster Pen Holder

ESF, Crackle, Chalk it up, Vishu's Creative Corner
Hello everybody! Today I am stopping by with this Coaster Pen Holder using ESF Crackle and Chalk it up paints. I had a lot of fun making this project and was pretty easy to put together too.

Products Used
So you need 5 coasters for this project. First I painted the Coasters with ESF Cherry Jubilee Chalk it up paint and then sponged 2 coats of ESF Crackle paint, you have to let the crackle layer dry before applying the next one. After the crackle paint was dry I added the chalk it up key lime pie paint and let it crackle. I then stamped an image using black ink.

Once my image was dry I painted the flowers in cherry jubilee and plum preserves.
Once that was dry i coated everying the ESF Acrylic Varnish. Then punched five holes on the sides the threaded with ribbon like a shoe lace. the bottom piece was hot glued.

So what do you all think and Thanks for stopping by..........

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Another Faux Quilt Card

Hello All! looks like I cannot get enough of these faux quilted cards using Ann Butler Design Stamps. These stamps are just so perfect so without further chit chat here is the card I wanna share today.
I really liked the way this card turned out.

Products Used:

Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap: Ocean Breeze, Canyon, limelight, Tangelo
Ann Butler 2″Faux Quilt Stamps by Unity Stamps
cardstock, glue, white embossing powder

First I stamped the faux quilt images on a white cardstock and then cut the image into 1/2″ strips

Now on a 4 by 5 inch cardstock I glued the strips horizontally and then again cut 1/2" strips on the 5" side. then on piece of 4 by 5 inch cardstock i staggered by strips came up with a quilted design.
Thanks for stopping by...........

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Quilted Card with Ann Butler Stamps

Hello All!...........finally I was able to spend sometime today crafting......where did April go?, well I have no idea hope you all accomplished a lot this month.

Today I want to share this quilted card with you all. I love Ann Butler Design stamps they are just so creative with endless possibilities.

And I also love the Ann Butler's Crafter's Ink, the pads are so juicy and with vibrant colors, as you can see all the colors just pop on this card......absolutely love the way this card turned out.

Products Used:
Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap: Berry, Sunshine, limelight, Aquamarine
Ann Butler 1"Faux Quilt Stamps by Unity Stamps
Cardstock, embossing folder, lace, sentiment stamp

First I stamped the images in different colors and cut them out, now I made a quilted pattern and adhered the pieces to the cardstock. Do make sure to emboss your quilted design to give it that extra detail. I embellished the rest of the card with lace which I colored using the crafter's ink.

I hope you enjoyed the card and thanks for stopping by..............

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thank you.............

Hi dear blog friends! stopping by with a quick post. Today I am sharing this beautiful Thank you card I made with Ann Butler Design products. This card was very easy and quick to put together.

Products Used:
Ann Butler Designs Iridescents Earth Safe Finishes : Sunshine, Red, Lilac
An image stamp (I used the flower from hero arts)
Clear embossing ink
cardstock, rhinestones, ribbon.

So first I stamped the image with clear embossing powder on a white cardstock, now using a fine tip brush and the iridescent powders coloured the image using red, sunshine and lilac iridescent. These powders give a fine glittery shine to the image....loved the results.

here is a close up of the image.

Thanks for stopping by.........

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Where Flowers Bloom...............

Hi, dear Friends today I am stopping by to share my very first tag. Here in WNY we have had a frigid February apparently its the coldest month in the recorded history now thats something! this gloomy weather had been making most of us here very gloomy and down so I decided to make something cheerful with a hopeful greeting that may be, just maybe the temperatures are going to get warmer soon. So here is the tag..........

Products Used:

So I started with beautiful tag I recieved from Ann Butler, I used the art daubers and colored the tag using sunshine, tangelo and canyon inks, I then stamped using the basket stamps with night ink color. Now came the making's clay, I rolled out a piece of clay and cut out the flower shapes, then colored them using  Colorbox Crafters by Ann Butler in Canyon, Tangelo,Sunshine, Limelight and used iridescents powders to give the flowers a beautiful shimmer. Then added some stemps and leaves with making's clay. I embossed the sentiment on makings clay and attached it to the top of the tag.

Hope you enjoyed this project and thanks for stopping by.........

Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Lovely Crafts Hop" Ann Butler - Clearsnap Hop

Hi Blog Friends! Its a blog hop hops are so much fun you get to see lot of creative adaptations of the same products, which I find very inspiring. So today I am sharing this canvas I prepared keeping in mind the season of LOVE, but this an art piece you can display year round because who does not need a little love everyday......

Products Used:
Ann Butler Design's Background Basics Stamps
Ann Butler Design's Art Screens- Waves
Ann Butler Design's Crafter's Ink limelight, Aquamarine, Canyon, Night, Berry
Ann Butler Design's EZ-De's alphabet stamps
Sisal Rope, paper roses, buttons, embossing paste, hot glue

So first I colored my canvas using Ann Butler Design's Crafter's Ink limelight and Aquamarine then stamped the Ann Butler Design's Background Basics Stamps checks stamp using night ink color

I then used the Ann Butler Design's Art Screens- Waves screen and applied some embossing paste to transfer my screen design on the canvas and also create some depth, once dry I colored it with Ann Butler Design's Crafter's Ink Canyon, I might be a little biased to this color. After that I dressed the canvas with some sisal rope, buttons, paper roses and the alphabets. Here are some close up shots

Hope you enjoyed this project. Now stop by all the other blogs listed below and leave comments on each of them because Clearsnap is offering a DOOR prize of Ann Butler products.

Happy Hopping All!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Love to you.............

Hi blog friends! today I am stopping by with a quick post.....suddenly life has become so busy and I cannot seem to keep up, but I am sure all of you have been in the same boat, so without further adieu here is the card I want to share.

Products Used:
Ann Butler Design's Art Screens by ColorBox - Wave
Ann Butler Crafter's Ink - Canyon
Embossing Paste
White, aqua and red cardstock
Colorbox Glitter, spellbinders die cut and red pearls

First I used the Ann Butler Design's Art Screens by ColorBox - Wave  on the aqua cardstock and used the embossing paste to create the textured background. I loved this screen so easy to work with and amazing quality.

I then painted the dried embossing paste with Ann Butler Crafter's Ink - Canyon
and added some glitter to create the background pattern

Once the background paper was created I completed the card with spellbinder die cuts, red pearls and a sentiment.

I hope you enjoyed the project and Thanks for stopping by.............