Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ann Butler Designs - ETI Blog Hop

Hello, everybody! and welcome to our second Ann Butler Design - ETI Blog Hop of 2016 to get your creative juices flowing.

Ann Butler Designs - ETI Bloghop

Today I am sharing an Ann Butler Design and ETI inspired jewelry pendant. Such a fun, simple and quick project to put together; a perfect gift for your yourself or loved ones.

Products Used:


1. Mix equal parts of EasySculpt Epoxy Modeling Clay and mix them together as per the instructions in the box.
2. Once mixed press the clay into the silicone mold pressing the clay into the delicate parts. let the clay dry for 5 hours before taking it out of the mold. Honestly I .absolutely love this product so easy to use and once dry you can file it or sand it
3. Once it dried I painted it with Ann Butler Designs Iridescents and iridescent powders. For  this pendant I painted the flower with iridescent powder in rose and iridescent ink in limelight. The frame was painted with Ann Butler Designs Iridescents Sapphire. I then glued the flower to the frame.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, below are some close pictures.

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