Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jewelry Box - ETI/Ann Butler Design Blog HOP

 Hi crafty friends! A warm welcome to the Ann Butler Designs/ETI Blog Hop! I love blog hops there is so much creative inspiration packed in. So today I am sharing this beautiful box which can be used to store earrings or be used as a gift box for bracelets in this season of giving or use it as a decorative piece around the house, so without further adieu here is my project.

 Products used:
Ann Butler Design's 1" Doily Picnic Stamps by Unity Stamps
Ann Butler Design's Aquamarine Iridescent Paint by Earth Safe Finishes
EnviroTex Jewelry Clay
Rhinestones, Microbeads by Recollections, wooden bead, wooden bangle, gold glitter, gold embossing powder, glue, white cardstock.

First I marked outer circumference and inner circumference of the bangle on white 120 lbs cardstock. I cut 3 pieces of outer circumference and 4 pieces of inner circumference.
Then I glued one outer circumference piece to one side of the bangle which made the bottom of my box. I glued the 4 inner circumference pieces together and then glued it to the center of the outer circumference piece to make the top cover of my box.

I then painted my bangle using Ann Butler Design's Aquamarine Iridescent Paint by Earth Safe Finishes. I painted a few coats to get the desired finish

While the paint was drying I stamped by image on a white cardstock and embossed it with gold embossing powder, I need 6 1" square stamp images and 10 triangle images. I then cut out the stamped images and glued them to the bangle.

Now onto playing with EnviroTex Jewelry Clay and boy I had fun. Now jewelry clay comes in two containers marked A and B. When I opened one of them the clay was hard which meant I had to bring up the temperature of the clay. I put the containers in a ziplock bag and kept them in a bowl of hot tap water for about 10 minutes. Then I mixed equal parts of A & B, be sure to use gloves while working and follow the detailed instructions that come with the clay, though I think the jewelry clay is a little forgiving. After mixing the clay thoroughly I rolled it into a thin wire and wrapped it arround the bottom part of my box and covered it with microbeads and gold glitter.

I then covered the top cover made out of cardstock with the EnviroTex Jewelry Clay , added some rhinestones and covered it with microbeads. I also covered a wooden bead with EnviroTex Jewelry Clay and covered it with microbeads and gold glitter.

Dressed up the box with some rhinestones to finish the project. Below are some more photos.

Hope you enjoyed the project. Now lets grab a cup of hot chocolate and visit some more blogs with some amazing talent. Also remember to leave a comment to be entered for the blog candy. YES, a comment on EACH blog gets you an entry for the BLOG CANDY shown below! Share the fun with your friends! We will Pick the winner on Saturday the 20th and announced on the Ann Butler Blog and ETI blog! Again, make sure and visit all the links and leave a comment.

      Lisa Rojas

Here is a peak of the blog CANDY........(US only...due to the liquids included)


  1. This is beautiful Vishu, I truly love it!

  2. Stunning box, very creative.


  3. Wow. I mean WOW. I love how you always think outside the box with your art - WOW!

    1. Thanks Cindi. I had a lot of fun with this one.

  4. How interesting! Very creative and pretty. Love how you altered the wood bangle!

  5. So very pretty. Love the blue color.

  6. Gorgeous box Vishu!!! I totally love it!!!

  7. Oh my word Visu!! This project is amazing!!!

  8. So happy you used the jewelry clay and showcased it and the stamps in such a beautiful way :) I love your colours, too.

  9. Love Love Love!!! Great project Vishu.

  10. I just love this and would never have thought to use the jewelry clay like this. Love!

  11. Beautiful project. Love the colors.

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