Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ohhh those products...........

So a few days ago I walk into my craft area just to admire all the crafty goodness I have accumulated , thinking about the clothes/shoes I did not buy because my eyes were set on that one tool or stamp I wanted  instead and I am feeling all happy and excited until of course my eyes catch those products that I brought but for some reason was never able to use them, so now some buyer’s remorse kicks in and I  walk out only to come back 5 minutes later as an awesome idea hit me to use atleast one of the products. 

I made these earrings with acrylic mini tags I had brought………. oh I don’t even remember but probably the first things when I started building my stash. The earrings were so easy to make especially with the earth safe finish iridescent inks, love this product so versatile and easy to use. Here is a small tutorial to show the way I made these but you can use your imagination to create some unique pieces. First I stamped the tag with Ann Butler Unity faux quilt stamp embossed it with clear embossing powder, be sure to keep moving the heat gun a little or else the tags start deforming, then I sponged some iridescent ink to give it a hint of color and shimmer, one of the earring I just sponged the earth finish ink directly on the tag and it dried beautifully used some copper powder did I mention I love the Ann Butler iridescent inks already……to finish my earrings I covered them with a layer of liquid glass.

While making these earrings my 3yr old daughter walks in and asks “what are you making mama”, I said earrings and she looking at my desks quickly says “how many are you making?”………….ok so maybe I got a little carried away but in my books a girl can never have enough earrings :). Thanks for stopping by……


  1. Love these Vishu....such a clever idea and yes I love the Iridescents too!

  2. Very cute idea, thanks for sharing ;)